Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton Ad Scorches McCain

Dude -- I mean, Senator McCain -- got totally burned, owned and then idly dismissed by the one celebrity he thought was too dumb to boil water.

Her video was in response to his, true, but hers may just be the best of the entire 2008 campaign. I mean, forget Willie Horton ads or swift-boating, 'cause when Paris Hilton can zap you with effortless sarcasm, it's time to just wrap up your presidential hopes.

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  1. Dude, check your repercussions.

    Paris backs drilling, and this hot babe knows something about drilling. Paris makes Barry O look like a creepy middle-aged feeb. And O's rejoinder has been stilted, confused, and most of all LATE. Meanwhile, McCain looks nimble and lucid by comparison. They jumped on this and pushed the dicussion in their direction with, umm, lemme see, oh yeah: PARIS BACKS DRILLING.

    Tire gages? Yeah, I can see PH going for that. Not.


  2. Yeah, I'm writing her in.