Friday, August 15, 2008

Davs Finally Concedes He Lost Re-Election

Given the total lack of support from the leadership of the Tennessee Republican Party, and the rather dubious legal claims of his challenge and the likewise weak "anecdotal" evidence of voting hijinks, 1st District Congressman David Davis has awoken to smell the coffee and has dropped his plan to challenge the outcome of the election in which he lost to Phil Roe:

I am announcing today that even though I have the law on my side, I have decided not to pursue an election contest with the Republican Primary Board. I love East Tennessee and I love America, therefore it is in the best interest of everyone concerned that I concede the election to my primary opponent. I have contacted Mr. Roe and made him aware of my decision."

(via Tenn Views)

DeMarCaTionVille points to a report, too.

Now it's time to rally for Rob Russell.

UPDATE: TNGOP spokesman Bill Hobbs forwarded an email with a press release from Robin Smith cheering Davis' decision (which, as I mentioned previously is proof the state party wanted Davis to back away from his challenge):

"Congressman Davis’s decision to let the voters of the First District, rather than a parade of lawyers, courts and committees, have the final say on who they wish to represent them in Congress represents the best traditions of American democracy,” said Robin Smith, Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party.

“State law permits voters to declare at the polling place which party’s primary they wish to participate in, a system that allows Tennesseans to vote for the man or woman they believe is best for the job and, unless an election result has been compromised by actual voter fraud such as false identity or votes cast by the dead, we believe the will of the voters as expressed at the ballot box on election day should be respected,” Smith said. “David Davis has served his community honorably and with distinction first as a state legislator, then as a member of Congress, and now by his decision to let the people’s vote stand without challenge.”

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