Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kingsport Reporter Is The Decider

A peek at Kingsport Times-News reporter Hank Hayes' email on why he does not cover Democrat candidates for Congress is presented via DeMarCaTionVille. Hayes is the Decider of who gets news coverage, and he has decided that it's a Republicans-Only issue.

Hayes writes:

"I tell people, both Republicans and Democrats, that “For me to cover your campaign, there has to be one.” It makes people mad, but that’s the way I feel.
My feeling is just because their name is on the ballot, that doesn’t entitle them to coverage."

But the blogger wisely observes:

"Coverage depends on how Hank feels about your campaign.

As far as I’m concerned if Russell has been running hard enough to be considered a serious candidate by voters in this neck of the woods, this makes him newsworthy. And none of the reasons Hank listed justify his absolute willingness to hold the GOP paintbrush.

Therefore, I say - Bad Hank! Bad! Shame on you! Flackery will get you nowhere. (Unless you’re Bill Hobbs and have enough guts to make those very outrageous Hobbsian-type statement which I wouldn’t recommend because normal people get fired for those things… or you’re playin’ this like Thaddeus and your feelings can be bought.)"

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  1. Joe,
    I'm the lady who wrote to Hayes to point out the lack of coverage for Dem candidates. In addition to the quote you have there, he contacted me again, although I only contacted him once. I sent this to Rob Russell, and you'll see Hayes's comments, along with Rob's reply to me below;

    First, from Hank;

    Hello again:

    Ask Nathan Vaughn if I cover him regularly.

    Ask Nathan Vaughn if I'm fair with him.

    I think I know what the answers will be.

    But you've already connected the dots the way you wanted them to be connected.

    There's a difference between a working candidate and a name on the ballot.


    From Rob -
    Susan --


    Actually, if you look at his recent coverage of Vaughn, he spends more
    time talking about Shipley (even in the article that is supposed to be
    covering Nathan's kick-off event) than he does Nathan. But maybe
    that's just my "spin."

    It looks like we've really touched a nerve since he sent me the Nathan Vaughn e-mail with no more contact from me. The tone of these are so snarky and impudent that they are insulting. I have been a regular letter to the editor writer for years now (Mary Acito) and I have been outright censored on occasion, have had letters re-worded to make them sound irrational, but mostly they go through as written. I guess Ted Como feels he has to let somebody speak, especially since Nellie's gone. But it's no coincidence that the only letter writers awarded stars are right wingers!

    Mary Susan Acito