Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Editorial Board To Congressman Davis: Fail!

A blistering editorial on 1st District Congressman David Davis by the Editorial Board of the Bristol Herald Courier is out today and makes some excellent points:

Davis has ducked debates, declined to fill out a questionnaire and avoided editorial boards. Even contacting him requires jumping an elaborate series of hurdles and dealing with less-than-helpful surrogates.

Which leads to an inescapable conclusion: Davis wants only controlled, scripted messages to reach the voters. He’s made a political calculation that he can win re-election based on the shallowest form of support – namely, that generated by slick advertisements, name recognition and identity politics.

Davis doesn’t want his constituents to probe the depths of his ideas and intellect. He doesn’t want them to know where he stands. He wants to wrap himself in the flag and in religion, and avoid the hard conversations."


"Instead of politely declining to answer the questionnaire or meet with the editorial board, Davis’ surrogates complained that we made the request through the wrong channel. So we tried again.

The Davis camp outlined two additional contact procedures – one involving a phone call to a campaign worker who didn’t identify himself until pressed and wouldn’t say where the campaign office was located. Helpfully, he told us he wasn’t responsible for scheduling and declined to identify the responsible party. He added that he would “answer no questions, do no scheduling and provide no information.” Later, we were told to fill out a contact form on Davis’ campaign Web site. We did that, too, but we still haven’t heard from Davis."

Take a look at the legislation sponsored by the Republican - a bill supporting the goals and ideals of American Eagle Day, another declaring National Carriage Driving Month, and a host of bills seeking to suspend the duty on numerous chemicals, such as Titanium Mononitride and Glycerol Ester of Dimerized Gum.

As I have said before, anyone but Davis deserves a chance to hold the office of 1st District Congressman. At best, his failures may at long last pave the way for the end of 130 years of Republican rule in East Tennessee.


  1. OXYMORON7:39 PM

    Davis is the kind of diaper load that is eager to have a photo op with a wounded Veteran but votes against a bill which would pay college tuition for veterans returning from the MId East.
    I don't know how a self respecting American much less Republican could do such a thing. Course you can correct me if I am wrong but I believe Republicans fought the G.I. Bill and the inclusion of Vietnam Vets into the bill.

  2. They did. He did. He champions East Tennessee Values, but has no concept about them. He's a pure creation of cynical Republican politics. As someone famously said, "There's no there there" when it comes to his morality. He has no concept of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence - he frequenty cites the latter when referencing the former. He's for individual freedom only as long as it means his party dictates your freedom. He's an embarassment to East Tennessee and - damn it, he even makes Jimmy Quillen look good in comparison.