Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rep. Davis Dodges Debate

1st District Congressman David Davis issued a challenge on his website to debate his opponents in the GOP primary. But not long after GOP candidate Phil Roe agreed to the challenge, Rep. Davis changed his mind. He refuses to participate in the June 24th debate and worse, he tried to even remove his challenge, originally from his website in '06. Bad move.

The most savvy blogger at DeMarCaTionVille, however, knows more about the Internet than Rep. Davis. As she says, maybe Rep. Davis is too busy counting all the PAC money his campaign has been collecting.

"David Davis, candidate for the Republican nomination for the First Congressional District House seat, today challenged all Republican candidates to a series of debates.

Representative Davis stated: “It is time for all of the Republican candidates for the First Congressional District House seat to step out and debate the issues. I challenge all of my opponents to meet with me for a series of open and honest debates. He continued: “I would like for this debate to take place in each county across the District.”

“The history of our election process in the First District shows us that debates have been a vital part of educating the voters to the issues and the stand of the candidates on those issues. These debates that I am proposing will help the voters to get to really know the candidates."
Maybe he's afraid we all know too much already about him. Sure the challenge was on his website for over 2 years - but to try and erase all record of it ever being on his website shows someone's got some needs for those Internet skills.

Says former Davis Campaign Manager, Keith Spicer, now working for Roe, writes: "
David may be the incumbent, but the voters don't really know him. He should have taken this chance to prove that he is more than a window dressing conservative who has no real accomplishments to speak of.

SIDE NOTE: I've been emailing Democrat Congressional candidate Rob Russell and should have an interview with him to post in the near future.

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