Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creation Seminar is Certainly Creative

A near-miracle is taking place as Creationists are now claiming Darwin's theory of evolution is also the theory of how the universe and the planets were created. Taking a theory about natural selection within life forms on this planet and converting it to a theory about the creation of stars and planets - that must be some kind of miracle, right?

The claims were offered at a "Creation Seminar" being held in Greeneville this week. Dr. Alan White, who has a doctorate in organic chemistry said:

In his talk, White made his case for a created universe -- rather than one that somehow evolved naturally without creator or design -- by using examples relating to the complexity of a single cell, or amoeba.

"White stated that, in his view, the traditional biblical description of six days of creation makes sense in a scientific context, starting with Earth, space, time and light being created first, with God as the Creator, or cause."

With the presence in movie theaters in towns across the country of the movie "Expelled" hosted by actor Ben Stein, this linking of theories on the development and growth of life on this planet being also linked to the creation of the universe itself will surely add more ignorance than knowledge. And it will add cash to Ben Stein's wallet.

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  1. carpenterjd12:03 PM

    Can anyone tell me why ben Stein has grown stupod? Anyone? Anyone?