Sunday, February 10, 2008

Science of Happiness

Perhaps you are not happy. Perhaps you are like Dr. Mrs. Instapundit and you jes' don't trust happiness.

So let's exile those demons of introspection and apply some Science to Happiness!

How To Be Happy


  1. OXYMORON11:31 AM

    Are you saying by the link Helen is the wife of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds? If so and this woman indeed finds happiness as a forensic psychologist under the same roof, it launches lots of questions as to how sane and competent she is herself
    Course, everything instapundit writes indicates he has a very malleble value siystem so he should have been fairly easily trained.

  2. yes, Dr. Helen is Insty's wife. they even do a podcast show together.

  3. OXYMORON10:46 PM

    Pleasssssseeeee- tell me there is no spawn of this marriage whose vows were muttered by a bedraggled old crone in a dank dungeon lit by a handfull of burning hair.


  4. the knowledge you seek is beyond the ken of mortal men.