Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election Aftermath

The county by county results of the state's primaries are available at the TN Dept. of State website.These are unofficial results, awaiting certification. Statewide turnout was 36% of registered voters.

Curious to see how some counties had very close (sometimes not so close) battles between Huckabee and McCain. Also notable, the number of Democrats voting statewide outpaced the number of Republicans. Are Republicans so unhappy over the concept of "conservative purity" that they will sit home this fall and not vote in the actual election? More on that here. And here, too, Huckabee's win of Southern states ... does this reflect a split GOP and a certainty the next president, no matter who wins the nomination, will be a Democrat?

Or perhaps the question should be - is there any ticket which would allow for a GOP president to be elected?

One clear winner in the elections/primaries -- Knox County got rid of some bad ju-ju.

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