Thursday, January 03, 2008

What Will Be On TV in 2008 Without Writers?

It will be bleak.

The strike by writers will become most prominent in the next few weeks, as TV broadcasters attempt to return to non-holiday schedules. Some shows have a dozen or fewer episodes to air - unless it is a game show.

You can read what the schedule will look like here at TV Squad. By the end of January, viewers won't have many choices apart from game shows and a handful of episodes for most everything else.

So expect the strike to continue until the lack of shows becomes an immediate, not a future, issue. But, as producers learned in the early 1980s after the first writers strike, they can fill in hours and hours with low concept shows like "Cops". YouTube and other online creations will flourish, and producers may facilitate the death of programming, other than for reruns and games. And "American Idol".


  1. I don't care if the shows never come back, as long as the writers don't give into the studios. Besides, weekly network TV is so 20th Century. Maybe this will just take us a bit more quickly to the place we were headed anyway.

  2. "weekly network TV is so 20th Century" ... yep. a good reason for writers to demand contracts designed for the 21st!