Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogger Battles Sprint Again and Again

Imagine your identity has been stolen - not just once - but four times and every time the same company, Sprint, is involved and sends you huge bills for an account you did not create. That's what has happened to The Editor.

Read the aptly title post here.

It's remarkable to me that this happened a fourth time, since after the third time, The Editor explicitly told Sprint to never create an account in her name without a specific response to some key questions for verification. But they did it anyway.

Sprint's response - The Editor has to prove she is once again the victim of identity theft.

The Editor writes: "
The fraud packet is set up under the assumption that you, the victim, must prove your innocence. It asks more from me than it did of the criminal who stole my identity."

(Also posted at MCB)

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