Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quote of the Day

1st District Congressman David Davis:

One of the generals said, ‘Congressman, there is a 5-year-old lying in a bed tonight somewhere in America that will be over here fighting this war in the future if we don’t finish it now."

The quote is from this story in today's KNS.

Worth noting is that Davis, as well as most other recent congressional tours of the war-torn country, was escorted in armored vehicles or viewed the scene from a helicopter. Most all reports include as well that such 'tourists' are outfitted in personal armor and helmets, too. I sure would not want to be out and about without them in Iraq, something all reporters have come to realize too.

It seems very easy to say that there is less chaos today than there was last year -- but chaos is the operative word. And despite any improvements on the ground in Iraq, it seems more important to me that the Taliban is returning to strength in portions of Afghanistan and in safe-havens in Pakistan. Why? Because Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, far more important than "trying to build a nuclear weapons program".


  1. Jenn Simoneaux12:23 PM

    I am so over hearing news stories which are nothing more than warmed over press releases from politicians thumping their flap jacket covered chests and bloviating about what "they ought to do about Iraq". Perhaps the thugs on the payroll of Democrat Governor Spitzer of New York could handle this problem by having the New York State Police rifle the private files of Al Queda higher ups and then issue fictional statements containing more lies than you could shake a Keith Olberman at.

  2. OXYMORON11:13 PM

    That five year old doesn't need to worry if he or she is the progeny of some well heeled Republican. It will be sitting somewhere in a safe college lecuture hall listening to a homage to Schumpeter or a guest lecture by Ann Coulter she will call "Woudn't you rather die than receive a Liberal Kidney?"

    Its all about the children, especially Benjamin.

  3. Jenn --

    not sure what you meanby reference to
    Gov. Spitzer.

    care to elaborate?