Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poll: Majority Favor Impeaching Bush and Cheney

Just as President Bush was marking his birthday this week, a new poll shows a majority of Americans surveyed favor the start of impeachment against him and his vice-president.

The New Hampshire-based American Research Group released the survey, which revealed these deeply troubling viewpoints for Bush and Cheney.

The breakdown:

Among registered voters - 46% favor the start of impeachment by Congress, 44% are opposed and 10% are undecided.

Cheney scored worse -- 50% favor the start of impeachment, 44% are opposed and 6% are undecided.

Also this week, one news anchor stepped forward and called for both Bush and Cheney to resign. (I know over the last few decades, the final two years of a two-term president brings much talk of impeachment and resignation. Maybe the love just dwindles to hostile familiarity over time.)

Happy Birthday, Mr President. (See also.)


  1. You may want to check your definition of 'majority'. I think the word you were looking for was 'plurality'

    Not that i disagree completely, but there is so much mis-information and bad reporting going on, there is no reason to join the crowd.

  2. Paul - for header brevity, i did not write "Higher Percentage of Respondents In Survey Favor Impeachment", and instead wrote it in a short-hand form which seemed to most accurately sum up the results of the poll.

    given the plus or minus percentages, it is also easy to see that a small, but still a majority, of those surveyed gave affirmation to impeachment proceedings. adding in those 'undecided' numbers, it stands that half or more of those surveyed approve of the idea of beginning such a process on both the President and VP.

    that seems notable, in my opinion, and bad news on your birthday, though ALL poll/statistics should be viewed as merely indicators and not as statements of reality.

    as for mis-information and bad reporting, i cannot come close to the amount created by this administration and the overwhelming impact such issues have made on a national and international basis for decades to come.

  3. I'm not disputing the point of your post. But if you read the links i embeded, all you needed to change it to was "Poll: Plurality Favor Impeaching Bush and Chaney"

    It is not a true statement at all (according to this poll) that "given the plus or minus percentages, it is also easy to see that a small, but still a majority, of those surveyed gave affirmation to impeachment proceedings".

    The survey was actually a pretty good one and if you read it, had a margin of error of 3% points. Meaning at most, 48% of adults and 49% of registered voters favor impeaching Bush. Again, this is a plurality when compared to the other numbers, but not a majority. Majority means 50% or greater. Period.

    The administration's lack of fact-checkers and editors shouldn't be an excuse for you to spread mis-information as well.

  4. Paul -

    I understand that you and Merriam-Webster consider my definition of the word majority is "obsolete", though they still list that definition first:
    1 obsolete : the quality or state of being greater

    but both you and Merriam-Webster will just have to deal with it. you can certainly call it a plurality if you wish.

    and when it comes to Cheney, the majority of those surveyed, no matter who defines the word, feel it's go time for impeachment.

  5. You can add my name to the list as one of the majority or plurality who wants the worst president ever out of the president's house! I want actual impeachment not a resignation, I want him and Cheney to serve some hard time as war criminals, grifters, grafters, embezzlers, traitors then a nice gory public execution! I guess I would be happy just to see them go away, but it would be better to see them punished for their crimes of manipulation and pompous deception of the facts to send our youngsters to a futile war for profit.

  6. I was thinking about it and i think i figured out why this bugged me so much.

    Thinking of it simply as a majority - meaning more for than against - instead of a plurality discounts the effect the very important "undecided" percentage that i happen to be a part of.

    I don't mean to take your post down a random tangent, but i think the people in Washington (on both sides) tend to just look at "are we more popular than the other guys" and kinda ignore all us in the middle and are sick of both sides equally.