Monday, June 18, 2007

Strange Tech Gadgets

I think the idea of making an object which is meant to perform one function look like something utterly and totally different has been with humans a long time. I know there have been many such instances in my wee lifetime, often the weird mish-mash of objects is the selling point of the item. Such as telephones that look like ducks or footballs, a cigarette lighter that looks like an alien-head or a pistol, or even those odd household items you see like a candy dish shaped like a leaf. Why is it that people feel compelled to make a jittery plate of jello look like a Pilgrim or an art-deco ziggurat?

Techies today have been having some fun with the idea too, and a fine example is this flash-drive designed to look like, well, just what you see here: a headless teddy bear. Other items like this include little dogs that look like they are humping the computer. There is of course at least one list of the Top 10 Weirdest USB connectors, and the teddy bear isn't even on the list.

All these items were found at a blog I've been perusing for laughs, called Shallow and Tacky.

One item the blog mentioned over the weekend was the strange case in New Jersey where folks were getting liposuction done in some chick's garage. Yeah, smart idea. Just be careful when they start using that sand-blaster on yer hips.

Designers also offer a mouse for your computer which will monitor your vital health stats as you waste, I mean spend, time at your computer.

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