Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Snickers for Snickers Ad

Reactions seem out of joint.

Spotting a LiteBrite constructed ad for Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Call out the bomb squad and shut down the city of Boston and rally Homeland Security!!

Two guys nearly kiss while gobbling on the same Snickers candy bar? Well, it may sound lascivious, but the company has (heh heh) pulled the ad off the air and the internet after complaints from groups like GLAAD that the ad promotes anti-gay thought and anti-gay violence.

Admittedly, "gobbling on the same Snickers candy bar" sounds like a euphemism for naughty behavior.

Humor seems to evaporate pretty fast these days.

1 comment:

  1. carpenterjd10:26 AM

    Enough is enough! I just could not let this pass. First, the Restaurant Worker's Union sued over the K-Fed ad in an attempt to convince us that those who make fries in fast food establishments have made a considered career choice over the life of a quasi-celebrity. And now GLAAD has pressured the company into pulling the Snickers ad? Speaking as one who might be affected by negative stereotyping of this type, I found the ad very funny and I am also struck by the fact that no one realizes that this ad would not have even been considered 20 years ago.
    PC? BS!