Saturday, December 02, 2006

American Life, Circa 1970

Warning: Connecting to the blogsite being mentioned in this post is likely to cause you to spend a good chunk of time searching past posts and experiencing amazement, maybe a little nausea, laughter and some nostalgia too.

I found this yesterday on MetaFilter, and got lost for waaaaay to long. The site features pics from catalogs of the 1970s, especially toys and clothes and other odd bits of the past as the writer has been faithfully scanning images onto his page since starting the blog in April 2006.

The blog is Plaid Stallions: Ramblings and Reflections on 70s Pop Culture.

Take the pics, add in some hilarious commentary and you get a good idea of why, during the 1970s I clung desperately onto wearing just blue jeans and shirts with few embellishments (other than all the weird-ass t-shirts I have). Case in point - the arrival of what one catalog called Man Mates. Nope, would not be caught dead wearing that kind stuff even back then, though I do remember seeing a lot of people falling for it.

And I too recalled how, for a while, dressing alike for couples was a big thing. And click on the images to "embiggen".

Go visit Plaid Stallions for much, much more.


  1. Wait until Kelvis sees this!

  2. omg.. that just caused a nasty little flashback to my 1st husband..

  3. Hee.
    White tubing on leisure suits makes me laugh.
    And I'm a child of the seventies. Didn't anyone think that the Brady kids had greasy hair.
    I always did as a kid and it bugged me.

  4. I love you so much for saying "embiggen."

    I will not click that link now because my time is limited, but you can rest assured I'll be back.