Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Held Accountable

Time for a change. That's what voters across the country said in a majority of ballots. The shrill voices demonizing anyone not a Republican were provided a simple message yesterday - shut up.

It's always astounded me that Right Wing cheerleaders like Coulter and Limbaugh and Vice-President Cheney were never satisfied that Republicans held the majority at the Federal level. Any and all policy failures or personal doubts weren't their fault. It was the Evil Liberal, the Godless Democrat minority, the folk they would have us believe are secretly aiding terrorists.

With a clear voice the majority of Americans called "Bullshit" on all that.

Coulter must be a whirling dervish today to realize the first woman to reach the position of House speaker is not only a Democrat but a Liberal one. The Coulters and Malkins and the tiny echoes of blog-repeaters need to take stock and realize America rejects their whining.

Not only did the Democrats take a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, they did not lose any either. They took a majority of governor's races too, and again, did not lose any. And it appears the Democrats have just enough wins to take the Senate to a more balanced population, and again, lost no seats.

Blaming a non-existent, non-patriotic enemy is a fool's argument. Republicans did not just lose a campaign - they lost the confidence of America to be more ethical or moral, to shrink government intrusion into the private sector, to grow the economy for all citizens, to provide for the national security.

Six years into his presidency, George Bush has finally realized he should take time to meet with those who don't walk in lock-step agreement with him. After all, it was Bush himself who declared he was a Uniter and not a Divider. Time to pony up.

In Tennessee, the election of Bob Corker was no simple task. It was a squeaker of a victory. A few thousand votes could easily have gone the other way. The pressure is on now for him to provide leadership, not to rubber-stamp the party's wishes. Should he begin to drift into following the lobbyists and the party bosses, I'd expect he'll find himself out of office and out of favor with voters quickly.

Nationwide voters told the GOP they have been held accountable and found wanting.

Democrats and democrat leaders need to rise to this moment - correct the course.


  1. I just wanted to say a huge 'WELL DONE' to everyone who manned a phone, spoke up and out, worked so hard to get enough of the facts out that we could really have a voice this election...GREAT JOB! and THANK-YOU!.

    What was done is HUGE!!!!!
    We Have control of the House.
    We have effectively tied Bush's hands.
    There are enough Re-pubs who would vote with us on many things.
    Even if ALLEN and Crist win, they are facing enough serious legal fall-out from various scandals, that they will not be an issue.
    The Republicans know 'We the People' are not happy with their performance.
    The Democrats know that this result is less about their ideas for change than a complete repudiation of Bush and Co, so they all know that we will be paying far more attention to their actions now that they have been given this opportunity to walk the walk...
    So, Everyone take a breath, a bow and enjoy the moment...
    Tomorrow we can continue the push for Impeachment, Investigation of ALL of Mr Bush and Co's connections/actions re; 9/11, Iraq e.t.c. and watch as they all spin and try and find lawyers etc :)
    Pass the popcorn!!!!
    Again WELL DONE and THANK-YOU ALL!!!

  2. OXYMORON12:09 AM

    Whoooo Hooo, pass the popcorn!!
    While some 19 year old walks the streets of Baghdad. While the news the 40 pound bullet proof vest he is wearing in the desert heat doesn't stop the Armor Piercing rounds the insurgents are now using.
    Yea, you fucktard, its all spectacle, its all Circus for the 21st Century.
    We (or I ) didn't vote to the Democrats in to screw the Village Idiot. We (or I) voted to set things right again as best as we could.
    Crawl back under what you came from and look for your brain in your rectum.