Saturday, November 25, 2006

GOP: Global Orgasm for Peace

"You don't need a good reason to have an orgasm," he said. "Even a stupid one is OK." (link)

The story of the event planned for December 22nd has been sneaky-Peteing it's way into the news, the internet tubes have begun to mention it, and at best the proposed worldwide attempt for a "synchronized orgasmic event" with participants focusing their .... um ... efforts at projecting hopes and thoughts for world peace can't really hurt anything.

There are some who think the event can produce scientifically measurable results for positive human consciousness enhancement. I have to admit there are scientifically measurable results for, oh, say, hurling bombs and rockets or suicide bombers, which do in fact create a whole heap of negativity all around.

Consider what might happen if it were required that diplomats engage in sexual behavior with each other prior to or following their foreign diplomacy gatherings. No photos or cameras or webcasts of the act, no, but I imagine those press conferences afterward would exude a certain level of honest if awkward discussions as it would surpass the impact of opposing forces just shaking hands at such events.

Is this all a sublimely ridiculous idea? Maybe - but you have to admit those who do participate in this will probably be in a better mood than those who do not.

The Global Orgasm organizers have a blog (of course) and they also remind would-be participants that a partner isn't necessary. Preferable though.


  1. You said orgasms.
    hee hee
    I'm in junior high.

  2. heh heh ... as i was posting this i thought, man oh man, what weird web search requests will attract people given the post title.

    and i loooooove the fact their acronym is GOP. heh heh. everyone knows Republicans don't have sex (unless its with gay prostitutes on meth)

  3. Republicans don't have sex (unless its with gay prostitutes on meth)?

    Then what explains the "fertility gap"?

  4. Ned -
    you have a few choices ...

    A) overcompensation via guilt.

    B) "fertility gap' is a manufactured statistical talking point in which information is skewed to promote a pre-decided conclusion by neo-cons.

    C) it was a satiric response.

  5. That's Shat-tastic!

  6. I am so participating.

  7. Does masterbation count?

  8. as long as ya ... um ... have thoughts of peace (notice the spelling), i think it counts.

    and even if world peace isn't achieved, a certain amount of happiness should at the least accompany a solo attempt.