Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Update on 9-11 Aftermath

I was pleased that overall interest in a faked docudrama about the events prior to and on 9-11 on ABC this week pretty much tanked.

Same for CNN's re-broadcast of their coverage on 9-11-01 to hype their Pipeline service - my own indignation and questions about that has even garnered the attention of Slate writer Sonia Smith (scroll down for mention of this humble blog and thanks for reading, Sonia).

While many bloggers in Tennessee offered opinions, ideas and more on thoughts five years after the original attacks, I liked the post from Kevin at Lean Left:

Osama Bin Laden is still free.

That, five years after the fall of the towers, is as good a symbol for the failures of the Bush Administration as any. As I mentioned earlier today, not only is Bid Laden till free, but the US government has lost all trace of him after bungling the operation to catch him at Tora Bora because it shifted focus to Iraq. Even worse, there is no one single person responsible for finding him; the various bureaucracies have been left to fight it out among themselves. Bin Laden’s freedom is hardly the only failure of the last five years."

I am convinced if Bush leaves office without capturing the living or deceased body of bin Laden, then most Americans (and perhaps many of our allies) will see his responses to the terrorism of 9-11 as a large failure.


  1. Man, you know what people are going to start calling you if you keep getting linked in Slate, don't you?

  2. highly informative?
    questionable pundit?
    hippie liberal?
    credible source?

    i dunno. are any of those it?

  3. America will be handed Osama bin Ladin's head on a pike at the 2008 GOP national convention when George W. Bush passes it like a trophy/baton to the nominee (assuming there's actually an election in 2008). My guess is that he's on ice right now, and these videos are all produced by Industrial Light and Magic based on a mashup of the Yoda and the Jabba the Hut algorithms.

  4. Cinemonkey10:38 PM

    "Mmmm, crush the infidel dogs of Satan, we will."

    Cheney already shot 'im at a quail hunt.