Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shuffle Like You Mean It

Is it hotter than seven hells where you are?

Worried that we might be in World War III (or is it IV or even V or VI)?

Is your favorite political candidate chased by chickens?

Did someone leave the microphone on and everyone heard you say a baaaad word?

Can't afford gasoline?

Is your phone/internet under surveillance?

Were you not invited to Avril Lavigne's wedding?

Maybe you're mourning the death of Mickey Spillane --- so

Just soak your eyes in the following video (thanks to Squirrels on Snark for the link to the Tennessee edition of the Global Shuffle), wade out into the closest kiddie pool, or just stroll over to your favorite tourist location and dance, fool, dance!!


  1. After watching Matt and the Tennessee Three dancing around "exotic" locales, I'd love to have a little pool or a lovely ocean to dip my tootsies into in order to beat this recent heat wave.
    Heck, tootsies ... How about a good old Nestea plunge.

  2. I was thinking this evening that now is the definitely the time to sit neck deep in a mountain stream until yer teeth chatter.

  3. I wanta dance too, dammit.
    On Easter Island.
    That'll work.