Friday, July 28, 2006

Camera Obscura - Monkey Woman Speaks

In my humble opinion, it has taken far too long for the television world to embrace and present the man who has inspired the imaginations of generations of Americans and others around the globe - the one and only Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics and the superheroes we all know by name.

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I confess the prospect of a 'reality-series competition show' hosted by Lee sounded so cheesy you could slice it or pour it over tortilla chips. Watching the premiere last night of Who Wants To Be A Superhero was immensely entertaining, not only for the goofy alter-egos of the players, but Stan looms like an Eternal over the proceedings. The quote of the week for me was Stan saying "Thank you, Monkey Woman."

Yes, Monkey Woman - just one of the potential superheroes vying for a chance to have their own movie on the Sci-Fi Channel and a comic book to boot. My favorite of the bunch (heh, a banana joke!) however was Major Victory, who runs and leaps like an honest-to-pete super-guy, whipping his head left and right to survey the potential dangers and hazards of the world around him.

But Monkey Woman shimmied up a tree to change into her costume. So there's that. Plus she has her own web site and her backstory is loopy fun - born to Christian missionaries in the jungle and trained to sing opera - it's just weird enough to keep me laughing.

... she thought about the monkeys and the survival skills they taught her. In her darkest hour, against all odds, she had come through. She knew she had the strength to do anything. She vowed then and there to find out the truth, and to take revenge on the psycho who robbed her of her parents. Maria threw back her head and let out an angry shriek that would forever mark her campaign against evil - the call of the monkeys."

Monkey Woman and Lemuria are interviewed here. The TV show airs Thursday nights and as long as Stan intones somber warnings and hearty "Excelsiors!' to Monkey Woman and the others, I'll keep watching.

One more Monkey Woman quote:

"The bananas are all weapons and tools, disguised to look like ordinary bananas. Along the lines of Batman, where he's got the grappling hook, the grenades and stuff like that. Each banana serves a different function."

Meanwhile across town ....

One savvy movie watcher has discovered the nefarious symbolism of oranges in The Godfather saga. A sampling of these fruity omens:

Right before he was shot, Don Corleone bought 2 oranges!"

When sitting with his father after he returns home from the hospital, Fredo sits next to a fruit basket of oranges. He later betrays the Family and his prayers cannot help him!"

Elsewhere ....

-- Zombies get arrested this week in downtown Minneapolis!

-- Al Gore says we're all going to die soon! (via You Had Me At Idiot)

And finally

Think you know movies? Can you identify a movie just by looking at a picture from the flick? Test your skills and knowledge at this page for the 3rd Movie Quiz. You have 28 movies to identify - some are insanely easy, some are really tough. And yes, I could tell you all the answers, but not until you give it a go.


  1. How did I know you'd link to the zombie story, too?

    I love you.

  2. Damnit, you can't get the answers on the site. I got 11/28, and there were a few I know I know, but just couldn't think of the answer.

  3. GAC - yeah, makes it tough that no answers are on the site. I got 22 out of the 28, but some were wild guesses that were right. and yes, all that means is i watch waaaaaaaay to many movies.

    which ones were most bothersome for you?

    and yes, tomorrow I'll post all the correct answers.

    my brother sent me a link to a simliar contest, except that all the actors faces had been removed from the pics - so you had to ID the movie based on clothes and backgorunds!!!
    i almost had an aneurism working on that one!!

  4. oh and Tits - great minds think alike. how could i resist a headline like "zombies arrested"???

    love you back oh Northeastern One, whose link lists are the best!!

  5. I didn't get:
    1,4 (just can't remember the name), 5 (same as four), 7, 8 (yes, I'm ashamed), 11, 13, 15, 16, 20-25, 27 (again, just can't remember the name), and 28.
    Now if this were a "Name the obscure art film based on these screenshots" I'm sure I would have pwned.
    I've seen the quiz with the cut-outs before. I think I did fairly on that one.

  6. I love Major Victory too, but I've got a suspicion that they've already decided that he's going to win. Chris Watters already has an IMDB page, and Major Victory already has a website.

  7. Monkey Woman has a myspace page, too. She requested my virtual friendship yesterday or the day before. I hope she wins.

  8. Oh! And if zombies keep getting arrested for having dance parties I'm going to have to mount a protest. Undead Rights Now!

  9. GAC - 4 had me stumped too at first, as it wa a recent movie that tanked fast "Casanova". 1 is a cult-ish sci fi movie with a few sequels (think a geometric shape) 5 is Titan AE
    and how about i add the total list in the comments on your page??

  10. GAC see the comments on your "Scam" post!

  11. 15/28. I totally rule.

  12. well then AT, like me either you have an astonishingly photographic memory or ya just spend hours watching movies.

    i am guilty more of the latter than the former, though

  13. You know I think Zombies are sorta sexy and creepy.
    Hearts to Cuppa.

  14. AT protests almost every time I suggest watching a movie. I think his attention span is more suited for 30 minute variety shows. ;)
    There's a guy here in Oak Ridge who has Zombie Hunterz written on his rear windsheild. AT thinks it's a band, though.