Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Computer Tounge Port

After years of study and experiments, a Florida-based company has (they say) devised a machine which allows for massive sensory and nueral input to be received and processed by the human tongue.

Reports claims the device provides additional visual info, may make night vision goggles obsolete and the military is taking a close look (or should that be "lick"?) at the new technology.

... the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition's 30-year neural interface project is yielding fruit -- the kind you can taste. Their Brain Port machine / sensory interface uses 144 microelectrodes to transmit information through sensitive nerve fibers in your lingua, enabling devices to supplement your own sensory perception."


  1. Cybermonkey4:41 PM

    For some reason, Frenching my computer just holds little appeal for me.

  2. Sorta like Willie Wonka, but not.

  3. This holds tremendous promise for the world of internet porn.

  4. As soon as you posted this, a million comments popped into my head.
    But I decided to hold my tongue... so to speak...