Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Of Ports and Power

Comedian Steve Martin's old routines appear to be part of the Bush administration's policy and Congressional oversight. Martin used to do a bit about how he had the perfect excuse for any mistake or problem. Three simple words: "I didn't know."

Americans stunned that non-U.S. companies control U.S. ports?

Congress says: "I didn't know"

Rumsfeld says: "I didn't know"

Bush (via the always funny Scott McClellan): "I didn't know."

I wonder how many Americans/Cabinet/Congressional chairmen are aware that company Westinghouse has been sold to Toshiba, making it one of the largest providers of nuclear energy in the world?


  1. I remember that routine. It was on How To Be A Millionaire And Not Pay Taxes.

    First, he said, get a million dollars....

    Then he goes on to say when the IRS asks why you didn't pay taxes, you simply reply, "I forgot".

  2. Maybe that's the reason they all know that line - they;re all millionaires!