Saturday, January 07, 2006

TN-based Company Selling Your Phone Records

You can buy the cell phone records of any cell phone, as long as you're willing to pay a small fee, from a company based in Tennessee, according to press reports.

No court orders needed if you use the services and they report in hours, according to the company's website. The page can also link you to a service to search land lines too.

The FBI tried it and it worked for them. And according to the report:

Representatives of Data Find Solutions Inc., the Tennessee-based operator of, could not be reached for comment.

Frank Bochte, a spokesman for the FBI in Chicago, said he was aware of the Web site.

"Not only in Chicago, but nationwide, the FBI notified its field offices of this potential threat to the security of our agents, and especially our undercover agents," Bochte said. "We need to educate our personnel about the dangers posed by individuals using this site and others like it. We are stressing that they should be careful in their cellular use."

Law enforcement has been warning undercover operatives about the threat.

Thought you might like a heads up too.


  1. Well, schucks. I reckon if I'm going to be fucked with, I'd just as soon be fucked with by home boys, instead of goddamn yankees, or texans, or whatever. Makes for a shorter drive if I want to go bust 'em in the nose, or cut their tires or something. Go Vols!

  2. Does that mean I can listen in too? Hell that would be better than TV reality shows, pipe it out on FM radio.

  3. Hey now earlnemo! Watch the goddamn yankees remarks. Hurts my feelings.
    Now Teaxans... have at 'em. Except for Willie Nelson and the like.

  4. If the FBI can get coverage up here on the Cherohala.. more power to 'em..
    I think we're the only 2 cell phones in east TN that use less than 5 min per mo, just from lack of coverage!

  5. Miss Ed, I was using "damn yankee" in the modern, electronic portal-oracle, global-society sense. Identity is not determined by where you are, but what you do. You, my dear, are not a damn yankee, or even a yankee. You are one of ours.

  6. ...whether you like it or not.

  7. Earlnemo,
    I like to think of myself as the glue that brings North and South together again.

    A list of my cell calls would be short and sweet.
    I'm getting pretty predicatable and boring in my old age.