Monday, December 05, 2005

Worst of the Worst

He's been called the "Worst of the Worst," and he even has a "little list" he's keeping on the folks he says are out to get him. And he says, that Christmas itself is under attack.

Bill O'Reilly may be the Fox News equivalent of Howard Stern -- people love him or hate him and there is no middle ground.

Both of these "media masters" are proof that controversy, no matter how ridiculous, sells.


  1. Well Bill O. isn't a very nice man. Or smart (like he thinks) That's about all I have to say about that right now.

  2. kingarthur1:58 AM

    Bill O'reilly puts the hay down where the little horses can feed, he does'nt fool around,he tells it like it is and challenges you to prove him wrong. He always has the facts to back up his bravado. He is like the good guy in the cowboy movies that always wears the white hat and stands for all that is good and right. GIVE EM HELL BILL!!!!

  3. O'Reilly may put "hay down", once the horse has digested it and it comes out the other end.

    Sorry, King Arthur, but O'Reilly constantly invents or distorts information.

    This link:
    will take you through just a short list of the many false claims he has made.

    If you are caused to think by O'Reilly, more power to you. Too many blindly accept his commentary as fact.

    And cowboy movies are works of fiction, though I do enjoy them as entertainment. History lies elsewhere.