Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's All About The Coffee

I can recall my very first cup of coffee - and I can recall the most recent. Coffee stains more than the countertop and the cup.

Since this blog is, after all, about having a Cup of Joe, isn't it time I included some coffee links? Then read on, read on.

Sure, the French and Coca-Cola have their own unique offering, called Coca-Cola Blak. Its part of the new marketing idea of "fusion". Drinks are now something that gets "fused" in the 21st Century.

Coffee has been a part of the development of our modern civilization, and now you can find web logs dedicated to the drink itself, its history, and the various forms coffee can take. I can't imagine a World War Two movie without it or a cowboy campfire. Starbuck's even put a store in the tourist land of Pigeon Forge.

The Links?

Here is one. And another. And another. Or if you are searhing for something in depth, here is a whole list of coffee links. Tennessee of course has an entire Coffee County.

I like the old joke, "I like my coffee like I like my women - dark and murky." Then there's my favorite line from "Twin Peaks" - "Black as coffee on a moonless night." Or from "Ren and Stimpy" - "Mmmmm, my coffee, God Bless you Stimpy, I don't know why I'm all the time mean to you."

Maybe a T-shirt with the caffeine molecule is what you're after. Think Geek has more.

Ahhhhh, coffee.

UPDATE: As mentioned by Julie, there are more coffee issues to consider. One is the campaign to provide Fair Trade Coffee. And a link for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Thanks, Julie!


  1. I am having a belly full right now, I always start off with it sweet and creamy then keep adding coffee until it is dark and bitter as the morning progresses. It is kind of like living life's steps in a mug every day.

  2. You know what a coffee snob I am. I prefer an Italian Roast over a French roast. I make my own latt├ęs. There's no "X" in espresso. No syrup flavors in my coffee--that's just wrong! Fancy Pants elitist! Hell yes! Coffee... mmmmm a cuppa cuppa cuppa cuppa cup!

  3. Cuppa, how could you forget Juan and not even mention Fair Trade coffee or at least a link?? danngggg!!!
    Nor did you mention the finest, one of most rare coffee beans on earth, the most expensive right now - the Jamacian Blue Mtn Coffee!
    Cheapest I have found it on the web is $26.99 for an 8 oz bag. However, it is far from being Fairly traded w/it's workers.
    But still a nice blog entry. :) TTFN

  4. Mmmmm... Jamaican Blue Mountain... When I was a Barista, it went for $16.00 for 9 oz. Try Sumatra for a good, smooth cup. If you have a chance to mix your beans, may I suggest equal portions of Java, Sumatra, and an Italian roast for a lovely morning cup. And get a French press, but don't bring the water to a boil. No scorching the flavor out of the bean.

  5. Don't forget about Hot Coffee, Mississippi.

  6. carpenterjd3:21 PM

    I don't know whether this discussion is about coffee or illicit herbs... Jamaican, Sumatran, Italian. Sounds like a hell of a party. I don't know coffee but i do know Coffee County. I dislike one as much as the other. Both are bitter tasting, dark places (you would understand if you had been reared in Coffee Cty). You can all split my share of the coffee bean consumption.

  7. Gotta love the fair trade goods! Thanks for the link to So what can I do, and keep up the great work here at Cup of Joe Powell.

  8. Talking about coffee is always as stimulating as having a few dozen cups of that brew.

    Odd though, to me anyway, that a post about coffee gets more response than the previous post about how deadly toxic our communities have become.

    But I always look at things in ways that seem ... well ... odd.

  9. Excellent links.. here is another one... http://www.globalexchange.org/

    to find out about fairly traded coffee and other goods and where to buy them in your area! And to take action against places like Starbucks who don't use Fair traded coffee like they Could.

    Excellent dialogue!! Good job boyz and gyrls!!

  10. Yes! Let's take action against places like Starbucks, not only on the Fair trade Coffee issue, but because they make horrible espresso drinks (told ya I'm a snob about it). Espresso should never be that thin with so much of a wine taste to it. And I argue against the need to heat milk to scalding.