Monday, November 28, 2005

No Sunshine On Tennessee Secrets

How often do your elected city, county or school board officials meet in secret to make decisions?

Keeping track is nearly impossible. Many meetings are held when the public is least able to attend, and many times officials meet in small groups to make decisions prior to any public debate or awareness.

The vast majority of Tennesseans have been kept in the dark for so long, they have no concept of how much their rights are violated. The Tennessee Coalition for Open Government's most recent report shows secrecy is increasing.

One story on that report is here.


  1. Little government is just following the leadership of the larger government.

    Have you noticed the way small city government also adds multi-issues to a single vote? So that you have to vote in something you don't want to get what you do and sometimes they are'nt even related issues. Smoke and mirrors never mind the man behind the curtain (the one in the voting booth).

  2. The government that governs secretly is ...
    wait that isn't how it goes.