Friday, August 05, 2011

Camera Obscura: New Booker T. Jones Album: Russia Attacked By Aliens; Sam Raimi Does Wizard of Oz

Once you allow for Memphis native Booker T. Jones to sit at a Hammond B3 organ, magic happens. After far too long an absence, the funky soul sounds he creates are back on his new solo effort, "The Road From Memphis". Here's a tune based on Lauryn Hill's "Everything is Everything"

Buy the CD for more - including a cut with Booker T. and Lou Reed.


Attacking aliens somehow target towns like Washington, Tokyo or L.A. But what about Russia? The director of "Wanted", "Nighwatch" and "Daywatch" offers up "The Darkest Hour" to answer that question --


"Evil Dead" and "Spiderman" director Sam Raimi is hard at work on a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, called "Oz: The Great And Powerful", starring Mila Kunis, James Franco and, of course Bruce Campbell. Few details are available, but some are here.


intelliwench said...

Nice Booker T track - thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Joe Powell said...

most welcome - i just learned of the album myself, and there are many fine tracks and Booker T. is a most underrated musician. thanks for reading, intelliwench!!