Saturday, September 04, 2010

Camera Obscura: Cuban Zombies; Museum of Uncut Funk; Bruce Campbell Uncensored

Film fans of the world - it's going to get grim and a little funky today.

Usually a movie set in Cuba is a spy-filled moral quagmire, but Argentina-born director Alejandro Brugues has another vision. It's a Cuba overrun by flesh 'n brain eating zombies and the one man who wages his own revolution to reclaim the island nation and preserve it.

The movie aims for comedy, not just horror, right off the mark with the title of the movie now in production "Juan of the Dead" (aka "Juan de los Muertos"). Hipsters have been calling the growth of comedy and zombie blends Zomedy or as I prefer, the Zom-com.

24FramesPerSecond has the details and a few teaser trailers focusing on the film's titular hero, a red-converse-sneakered slacker named Juan who decides to make the horror of the relentless walking dead into a new way to earn a living:

"One day Havana begins to fill with zombies. Juan decides that the best way to cope with it is to prosper. "Juan of the dead, kills your loved ones" is his slogan, and its mission is to help people get rid of those infected around them ... for a price. But the situation gets worse, and while everyone is out to sea to get away, John is left with no choice but to become a hero, staying to defend their country and protect their home from turning into a real bloodbath."

One trailer is below and here is the film's website (note: it's not in English).

And if you have a tough time remembering or learning about the zombie movies you want to see, be sure and check out this Zombie Movie Database.

Worth noting too, the AMC channel will start their new zombie mini-series "The Walking Dead" from director Frank Darabont in October. Though their are just six episodes, AMC has already renewed the series for 12 more.


A very funky home for all things superbad and superfly has been made by a college professor, but you can call her Sista ToFunky. She's taken her passion for funky films and funky style to the Internet with The Museum of Uncut Funk.

It's a celebration of the Golden Age of Funk - aka, the 1970s - and hosts a stunningly large collection of movie poster art, comics, broadway shows, funky music, funky history, and much, much more.

Ohhhhh, yeah. It's International and Intergalactic, baby.


Actor Bruce Campbell never expected his role as the witless and luckless Ash from the "Evil Dead" movies would make him an icon.

Bruce talks with the L.A. Times about his days with Sam Raimi and crew making those movies and all the fame and fortune (or misfortune) which followed.

I've met a lot of fathers and their sons who bonded through those movies -- they didn't get along but that those movies were they only thing they liked together. I think it's because Ash is just a regular guy. He's not special forces, he's not Clint Eastwood, he's not a squinty CIA, ex-Navy Seal. He's nothing. He's just a guy. He's a garage mechanic. He's not even that. He works in the housewares department. I think the average audience member goes, "Hey, he's me! Look at him make that stupid mistake, what an idiot!" Because an average guy would make horrible mistakes."

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    Bruce Campbell! Love Him! Brisco County Junior is a favorite of mine. Also, enjoyed him in Xena and Hercules.
    Morisita Townson