Thursday, August 19, 2010

Using Fear To Crush America

I do not like having to write some things I've posted here - I spent days trying to put my thoughts together over the madness in America about religious buildings, and I very nearly deleted the whole thing. Why bother? With 145 bajillion blogs to read, it's like scratching at Mt. Everest with a toothpick.

Most people around me seem to be hellbent on vengeance and anger at Others. I don't really want or need any more anger aimed at me. I'm a very creaky construction of ideas, full of doubts, seldom as wise as I wish to be, and like most everyone else I know, it's a real struggle, this journey we all share. I don't want trouble.

But I posted my thoughts anyway. And today I read another bit of writing at Obsidian Wings which I think is worth sharing:

Whatever some rabble-raising politicians say about one mosque doesn't trump what America really stands for--the values enshrined by our constitution that guarantee equality and freedom for all, whatever your race, religion or creed.

And the Republican Party is almost uniformly against it. And its opposition is manifesting in ways that are as vile as they are counterproductive in terms of keeping us safe.

That's really quite remarkable. The GOP is willing to risk American lives in order to sow hatred and bigotry for a short term boost to electoral prospects."

For the next few days, I'm vowing to work harder to write about our world without hand-wringing and worries. Rather than stare right at some horrible thing headed toward my personal vehicle, I'm going to focus on the part of the road I want to be on instead. It can't hurt to try and studies show my vehicle will likely avoid that horrible thing.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Have you watched Keith Obermans report on the true facts about this? Excellent. If not here is a link to the 12 min. video.
    EVERYONE should watch this and really think hard about what is going on in this country. We don't need any more hate.

    Here is my favorite quote:
    "The strength of this nation is rooted in its respect for all religions, or none, and it is for its refusal to honor one religion over others."
    Morrisita Townson

  2. "The GOP is willing to risk American lives in order to sow hatred and bigotry for a short term boost to electoral prospects."

    This is pure, unadulterated truth.
    Republicans care about money and power and absolutely nothing else. That should be more than obvious even to those who don't follow politics all that closely.
    Their abortion stance...power over women. Their zero gov't stance...the power to rob and deceive with impunity.
    Their environmental saved due to lack of regulations.

    Money and power, they are nothing more.

    I do hate them, I really, really do. But something human in me still cries for the lost and diseased souls their bodies harbor.

    I thank God daily that I'm not them.