Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Delusional Economic View

There's a joke about a fellow falling off the roof of enormous skyscraper and on his way down, a person jams his head out of a 21st story window and yells out a question to the falling man "Are you all right?"

The man replies "So far, so good!!"

Such intense disregard for reality is likely termed cheerful optimism by the Tennessee Republican Party. For proof, check out the happy take on the plunging U.S. economy promoted by the TNGOP:

Bill Hobbs, Feb. 2008: "The "mortgage crisis" is really just a shakeout of some bad deals in one very small corner of the overall mortgage market. A tax credit would make those homes more attractive to buyers. But, then, so will their falling prices. That's the way it always works."

Bill Hobbs, March 2008: "But the overall economy is still growing, a fact not reflected in the news coverage of the economy."

Bill Hobbs, May 2008: "The economic expansion launched by the Bush tax cuts continues uninterrupted so far. Has the pace of economic growth slowed? Yes. But the economy is still growing. Remember that the next time you here [sic] some Democrat candidate whining about the "recession," and talking about how bad the economy is."

Bill Hobbs, June 2008: "When it comes to the economy, the good news is the news isn't all bad. The bad news is the news media tends to cover the bad news more than the good."

Via R. Neal at TennViews
, who adds "
Voters in Tennessee and across the nation, please ask yourself: Do we need four more years of delusional government like this?


  1. OXYMORON11:32 AM

    The tragedy of delusional people is that they can't recognize that they are, in fact. deluded.

  2. "The specific character of despair is that it is unaware of its despair''

    — Kierkegaard

    Epigraph to Walker Percy's novel The Moviegoer