Friday, October 10, 2008

Camera Obscura: Annual Halloween Contest

Tell me a story or two about what scares you and I'll do the same for you.

It's that time of year when scary and creepy movies crowd the television schedule, and I want to know which ones you'd recommend to send shivers up the spine.

Old or new doesn't matter, or you can pick a theme if you wish -- for example, if you want to get your zombie on, you can take a variety of approaches, like All Romero Zombies or Zombies By Decades, or Italian Zombies or even Spanish Zombies.

Of course, since the original "Evil Dead" was filmed close to my humble home, I had to include a picture of it and it's also just a nice, creepy Halloween-ish image too.

To help you get in the mood, writer/director David Goyer is about to present (in January) his latest take on creepiness -- The Unborn:

I know there are also some recent movies which could shatter your nerves this Halloween, like "The Descent", which quickly moves from claustrophobic caving to chaotic nightmare. I also think "30 Days Of Night" was a good one too.

For more inspiration, here's one writer's list of the 5 Scariest Films Ever -- is it a good list or a mediocre list or just a bad list? I do like some of the choices and the list sure makes me want to re-watch "Mullholland Drive." Of course, director David Lynch is the master of the weird-out.

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  1. We were watching "resident evil-extinction" the other night when I noticed our middle cat Boogie,was paying rapt attention to the movie.How coll is that .a cat that likes zombie flicks.