Tuesday, September 02, 2008

McCain-Palin Get Stars on the Walk of Fame

The Sen. McCain presidential campaign has become a wild and massive success - finally, they get major media coverage and enormous Internet activity. That's due to his choice of a vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sure she left her small town government in debt to the tune of $20 million, has only days of experience in the job of governor, sure, sure, sure. Her name and his campaign are The Talk. And as he has learned, the only thing worse than being Talked About is Not Being Talked About.

Can't diss a woman just for being a woman, ya know. That's sexist. If you question her abilities, her qualifications, her actual history in government, yer a sexist, given to repression.

Some reports say that McCain did not get his way and so went for a wildcard choice. Golly, he's a maverick. Spin, baby, spin!!

I have to give him props, he's done the almost impossible - gained attention despite the weary Ghosts of Hurricane Katrina haunting the Republican National Convention and made the concerns of an unwed pregnant teenager a national issue. Hooray!!

My first thoughts on hearing stories about her daughter's pregnancy were mostly along the lines of "Why would a mother agree to submitting her daughter to the media circus?"

Over at Katie's blog on the KNS pages, she writes:

"Governor Palin's announcement about her daughter acknowledges the unique challenges of young motherhood, and explicitly refers to the extra support that her daughter will require. However, Sarah Palin now leads a party whose policies in no way acknowledge the same for the many other girls across the country who are in the same position as Governor Palin's daughter - young women who are in urgent need of access to prenatal care, affordable housing, childcare, and the financial option to continue their educations beyond high school.

I am also disturbed to see that Bristol Palin is now becoming something of a poster child for the anti-choice movement. They are holding her up as a symbol for their cause. Honestly, as much as right wing pundits are criticizing the left for their approach to this matter, I believe it's the right which should be ashamed. Making any individual teenage girl into a brand-name martyr for your highly contentious political cause is about as low as you can go

Good points there.

We'll just have to wait until the presidential debates to actually start hearing about policies, plans and programs of the two candidates.

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  1. Palin sets the women's movement back at least 50 years.. & this after Bushit had already flushed us back to 1950.