Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mega-Micro-Blog-Feed-Mobile-Alert-Pod Nation

As I writer, I spend hours (well, sometimes just minutes) at a keyboard and that just runs counter to today's modern-now-a-go-go Internet.

A short snarky sentence with a link is hot. Prose is not.

I tried to get the hang of using Twitter, where you're limited to a few words per posting, and used it mostly to hype this page. They have this little prompt on Twitter "What are you doing right now?" and the answer to that appears to be "Talking about myself."

I only subscribe to a handful of daily feeds and alerts and they are all about movies. I've known folks who have dozens and dozens of Internet bits constantly arriving via their media devices. It all makes me rather ancient as I search and then research and then read and then research and search some more. I might as well be transcribing scrolls from Greek into Latin with a quill under flickering tapers.

I recently started reading popURLs a few times a day. Now there is another mega-micro-aggregator on the Internets called Loud3r - where there are categories of info all gathered under even more cutesy uses of the number 3 instead of an "E", like "New3r", which is about gadgets and tech, "Glaci3r", which is about the environment or "Grind3r" which is all about skateboarding.

I admit I like popURLs because it is so constantly updated and it does usually lead me to read more and explore further.

If I start to copy this style, would that make me a Writ3r? Will the info be shared Quick3r? Will I still be a Think3r?

Will it gather gajillions of Read3rs?

I know I am ancient as all this hooey reminds me of a song from "Jesus Christ Superstar" called "What's The Buzz?" And if you go here to read the lyrics, you can also see a video from the movie and download a "What's The Buzz?" ringtone.


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  1. I too am always about three steps behind it seems.
    You may want to return to posting updates about your blog on Twitter. If it brings a few more pairs of eyes to your blog and your cause, I think it's well worth it. Keep up the good work. Tapers made me snicker.