Friday, April 18, 2008

Truckers Plan More Strike Action

Independent truckers are continuing to voice concerns about high fuel prices and are planning new strategies to express them.

A convoy of truckers it headed to Philadelphia today - wonder if it gets the attention of the presidential campaigners? Reports say more convoys and shutdowns of work are ahead, including a rally in Washington.

And some are trying again to organize a nationwide strike effort, for May 1st, and now they are seeking the involvement of non-truckers who are likewise being squeezed by the ever-increasing price for fuel. The American Driver blog is aiming for more attention via the internet.

We all know the high costs now, and expect it to reach higher during the summer. Will any protest, national or local, have an effect? The more fuel station/convenience store owners I talk to, the more they say the same - as fuel prices go higher, all their other sales fall in a ripple effect. Energy makers and providers seldom feel a moment of discomfort.

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  1. Fuel prices are out of line. I worked for a big oil co during both chrises in the 1970's. I know this is manufactured by more than just the oil companies, it is a power play and we are the remains from the squeeze. They all need to be reminded that the grass depends on the roots for life and we are those vital links to their power. Pioneer