Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Strike By Truckers Ahead?

I've seen it mentioned in the news, and likely you have too - rumblings and reports that independent truckers plan to stop driving today and are making convoys to protest the high price of fuel. Michael Silence is blogging about what's happening in Knoxville.

The Tennessean reports:

There's nothing ever like this," said owner Derrell Clem, whose firm operates 23 trucks. "Fuel prices are unfair to the trucking industry.Advertisement

Clem said he planned to close his business for two or three days starting today because of diesel prices that have soared 40 percent in the past year to a national average of $4.02 a gallon. Diesel prices in the Nashville area were $3.91 a gallon on average Monday, up from $2.76 a year ago, according to the latest AAA fuel price survey.

Clem said he pays $230,000 to $240,000 a month in fuel to keep his small fleet of trucks rolling, delivering merchandise to supermarkets, auto supply companies and other clients.

"I think if something doesn't happen they are going to put the small companies completely out of business," Clem said.

It was hard to gauge the extent of truckers' protests on Monday or predict whether there would be any economic ripple effects if products weren't delivered to stores, warehouses or factories on time.

In some states, independent haulers said they would park trucks for two or three hours or drive more slowly on the highway even if it meant disrupting traffic.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said it plans to monitor the situation on highways here."

In Georgia, reports say plans are being made for a full nationwide strike on April 3rd. Congress has questions for the nation's oil industry (again).

After seeing so many emails in the past urging drivers to boycott one gasoline company or another for one day, this may be a good opportunity to make a more potent statement. Would you join these truckers for a one-day boycott of all driving and all gasoline purchases?

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  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    why not Im tired of paying high gas prices. Can anyone tell me why gas prices go up right before or on payday? Who is behind all the increases anyway?