Friday, February 01, 2008

A Human Digital Interface

As I mentioned earlier today, I've been asked to participate in a sort of online experiment to cover the Super Tuesday primary in Tennessee (and beyond) as part of a group of bloggers and the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Key to gathering all the info and data are the folks with Publish2, and you can see the Publish2 Blog here, which includes the current group effort on Tennessee Election news on the right hand side of the page underneath the Categories. Or just click here to see the latest and complete listings via TennViews.

I like what I've been reading about Publish2 today, and thought Scott Karp's post from last August on the concepts of "Trusted Human Editors In Filtering The Web" was full of fascinating but familiar ideas which are finding new applications on the internet.

And by familiar I mean a long ongoing process where each of us learn to rate and value the information and stories we collect every day based on a complex set of qualifications. In other words, we know some people will relay to us some sound and reasoned thought and some people relay less than sound ideas. What's new is translating that concept into the uses and usage out here on the Wild, Wild Web. It's more than just adding a human editor to search engine algorithms, it's also about how we structure and understand the world around us.


  1. Your last paragraph could also serve as an excellent description of the value of modern librarianship. Sorry for the off-topic comment, but it's an excellent paragraph. Good work, Joe.

  2. That's not off-topic at all, Rachel. Libraries are vital, as are the jobs performed there. I simply found Karp's ideas to be most provocative and applicable to our past, present and future.