Friday, February 01, 2008

New Election Coverage Project

I've been asked to join a group blog effort to cover the Super Tuesday primary and the elections in Tennessee by Jack Lail with the Knoxville News Sentinel. The project allows for combined effort from some bloggers here in Tennessee and the reporting of the Knox News folks to create a page that's chock full of sites and stories.

Michael Silence has more info on the project here, and others participating include TN bloggers participating:
Newscoma, R. Neal, Russ McBee, Ben Cunningham, Bob Krumm, Les Jones, and Jack Lail .

I see this morning that R. Neal at TennViews already has a nifty sidebar on his site which shows some of the stories and web sites already tagged. He's way techno-smarter than I am. But as soon as I get the details on adding the aggregated links here on this humble but lovable blog, I'll add it in later today, so be sure and check back.

I'll also be adding some of my own thoughts on the election in general, but up next today will be my regular Friday movie news and reviews.

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