Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bad Burger Brings Arrest; Slave Labor and Other Oddities

Let's say you order a burger at your local franchise and after a bite or two, you think "Dag! That's nasty!" Why keep eating? A policeman in an Atlanta suburb eats a bad burger, gets sick, then goes back and arrests an employee.

The strange story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Union City Police public information officer George Louth said Saturday that police talked to Bull and other store employees who told them Bull knew the burger "wasn't properly prepared." He said she was charged with the misdemeanor reckless conduct because she served it anyway "without regards to the well-being of anyone who might consume it."

The department is still investigating the case. Since the officer didn't eat the entire Big N' Tasty, there were samples to send to the state crime lab to find out what was in or on the burger that made Adams sick.

Bull, meanwhile, said she was hiring an attorney as she awaits her day in court.

After that, she said, "I think I'm going back to Texas."

Next up in Weird News, huffing a can of computer cleaner:

A passenger in Robar's vehicle during the first collision, in which he allegedly crossed the median on I-89 going about 100 miles per hour and collided with a car driven by Varin Ang in oncoming traffic, told police Robar was spraying keyboard cleaner in his mouth while he was driving and as the collision occurred."

Next stop, slave labor to build the US Embassy in Iraq and other seldom-reported stories:

The Pentagon has been investigating the slavelike conditions but has not released the names of any violating contractors or announced penalties. In the meantime, billions of dollars in contracts continue to be awarded to First Kuwaiti and other companies at which little accountability exists. As Phinney reported, "No journalist has ever been allowed access to the sprawling 104-acre site."

One more stop - is that an alien overlord in the window as President Bush offers a speech on the economy??


  1. So does this mean if my food is bad, I can place some fast food worker under citizen's arrest, or is the a luxury reserved only for the police?

  2. um, the 2nd part is the answer.

    policing bad burgers takes precedence over say, policing slave labor.

    or we can all just wait for the alien overlords to step from behind the shadows ....