Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Civil War Soldiers vs Dinosaurs

Not far from this corner of East Tennessee, folks can find some sights that are simply not among those you can find anywhere else. Like what, you ask?

Well, first there is Foamhenge. Yes, it is indeed Foamhenge. I saw this and immediately wondered if the guys from Spinal Tap had ever seen it.

And as an added bonus, another unique location. Dinosaur Kingdom -- the only place in the world where Civil War soldiers are attacked by the giant prehistoric reptiles. Take that, Creation Musuem! Pictures and info on both Foamhenge and Dinosaur Kingdom are here at Hillbilly Savants.

They also had another post which gave me pause, about the mysterious herbal delight called ginseng. A chunk of it just sold for $400,000!!

I do recall growing up when someone asked me if I wanted to go Ginseng Hunting. I admit I thought to myself, "what did he just say? and what word was he trying to say which has been filtered through mountain-speak?" Foolish me. It brought good money way back then and who knew one day it would be a key ingredient in a host of energy drinks and vitamins?

And that, for some reason, brings to mind the three warehouses which bear the name Elizabethton Metal and Herb Company.


  1. Cinemonkey10:46 PM

    So when's the roadtrip to Dinosaur Kingdom planned? I'm in!
    And doesn't it remind you of that place in Pigeon Forge, now sadly defunct (the worst kind of defunct!), with the dinosaurs & the pirate ship?

  2. alloyd411:01 AM

    This takes me back to my favorite roadside attraction in the late '50's through the 60's. Just South of Alpena, Michigan was the dinosaur forest. There were all kinds of dinosaurs tucked away in the woods... including a lifesize brontasaurous with a door in its belly and stairs along its huge flanks so one could get a bird's eye view. My brother and I would clamour to stop every year on our way to visit our Grandpa Mel. We were heartbroken when it went out of business. Perhaps the deteriorating cement hulks are still there. I always wanted to buy the place. Just think, it could be refurbished with the other big attraction in Michigan: Indians! A tourist Mecca.