Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bonnaroo 2007 Re-Visited and New Beastie Boys

Take an inside look at Bonnaroo 2007, courtesy of an ongoing re-cap from Atomic Tumor. Based in Camp Lando Calrissian, wavin' the AT Flag. It's the next best thing to being there. And no dust!

The Thursday write-up is here, and Friday's is here. More to come! Woot!!

Music-wise, I am most looking forward to next month's new release from the Beastie Boys. "The Mix-Up", an all instrumental album. They've released a few videos so far and much more details of their ongoing tour and the madness of the Boys can be found at their official site. It's like wandering into the garage of a garage band. Here's one of the new tunes, "Off The Grid", which starts out with some groovy funk and then just rocks and rocks some more.


  1. Oh hell yeah. I loved the Beastie Boys rock from Ill Communication and Check Your Head, and the lack of it is the primary reason I didn't get to into their last two records. They have their own kind of funk, and it sounds damn good.
    Glad you enjoy the roo stuff, Joe.

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  3. Cinemonkey10:42 PM

    Hey, the Beastie Boys have become an actual band! If only all rap groups would follow suit.