Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Catfish Dinner Used as Weapon

Has to be one of the funnier headlines I've seen. And this in a year which has already given us headlines about astronauts in love triangles (and diapers) and bald pop singers.

I honestly admit I never even considered that a catfish dinner could be used as a weapon. But that is the claim here:
Hawkins deputies look for heavy woman who attacked Bulls Gap restaurant employee with catfish.

In other crime reports and court reports, I was just thinking that going to jail with a name like "Scooter" Libby would not afford much in the sense of personal safety. And it was a strange defense from Libby anyway, against all the charges against him - that he was a fall guy, would not testify and that he was just so darned busy he could not think straight. From Time:

" ...
the judge said he felt misled, at least about Libby, and he told Libby's lawyers that they were "playing games with the process." To punish them, he ruled that they could not say in closing arguments that the pressure of national security issues prevented Libby from remembering any conversations about Plame. All the lawyers could say was that Libby "had a lot on his plate."

Perhaps Scooter needed to consider a catfish dinner defense - his plate was so full it was inevitable he would forget he stuffed a catfish dinner in his pocket, a dinner which was part of a large menu of deception concerning war in Iraq.

However, I would not be surprised to see "Scooter" using the system to delay going to jail long enough to get a presidential pardon. I'm fairly sure that when or if caught, the "catfish lady" will be in jail far sooner than "Scooter" will.


  1. The catfish lady story is along the lines of one here in Monroe county, I believe. Where a woman wopped another lady in the head w/ a dead chihuahua. She was angry that the pup had died after she bought it from the 'victim', at only 4 wks of age.

    And yes, I'm sure Bushit is poised, pen in hand to sign that pardon.

  2. "...a dead chihuahua ..."????

    really? that's better than that story of a few months back where some dude was whopped on with a dead, frozen raccoon.

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    what has gone wrong in the world when a poor helpless catfish dinner can't walk the streets at night? LRR

  4. there's a country music song in there somewhere, LRR ....