Saturday, October 01, 2005

True Real Life Fake People

Some years ago, the late, great Frank Zappa called the cable channel "A&E" the "Arms and Entertainment" channel since they aired much more programming about war than the alleged "Art" in their moniker. However, Executive VP of Programming announced this week they were "the home for character driven docusoaps."

The wha? Oh, the new label for "reality shows"!! Docusoap?? I thought that cut down on bacterial infection and had a lemony scent? Maybe its a question a surgery nurse asks doctors on their way to surgery.

Seems their busting with pride at "A&E" over the success of "Growing Up Gotti", so they've given a new show to the promote the TV barnstorming duo of Jim and Tammy Bakker's son. Should have called the show "Son of PTL Lives!!!". They also plan a show about SWAT teams who do jobs that do not actually require "special weapons" or "tactical" assistance. Daring.

Ummm .... so OJ Simpson wants to test the waters of celebrity status, 10 years after his acquittal on murder charges, so he goes to a sign autographs at a horror fan convention called "NecroComicon"?? Should he have waited until PBS aired their retrospective on his career. PBS and fan conventions -- a way do raise tens of dollars.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided they will hear the much-debated case of whether or not Anna Nicole Smith should inherit money from her dead, ex-husband. Will Chief Justice Roberts allow cameras for her TV show in the courtroom is my question. Maybe the Justices have a bet running on whether they're real or not. Yeah, those.


"These phones are made all wrong!!" If the picture doesn't amuse you, then check out the list of nicknames the President has for all those around him. Do your own imitation President voice as you say each fake name out loud and you'll be amused for .... well, a minute or two. (Yes, it's a PhotoShop picture.)


  1. That's great. I'm definately amused. :)

  2. gotta respect a comment from the grandpoofawesome or risk yer own peril.