Friday, November 02, 2012

In Which I Write About Being A Woman

Been a busy time as I've been directing the stage show of Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" for the Morristown Theatre Guild, which opens tonight in Morristown at Rose Center. The show runs Nov 2 - 11 and is a totally madcap farce of all things Hitchcock.

Just 4 actors and an army of stage hands and tech frantically re-creating an entire movie - well, a very silly full-on comedy version of a movie - live onstage before your very eyes.

And while I never had any intentions of being in this show ... somehow, I ended up being one of the poor, poor actors who has to play a few dozen roles. It's just about whittled my voice down to a mere ghost of its normal self. And then there's the dress/blouse/wig thing I have to wear ...

Oh well. I do make a very ... um ... handsome kind of woman I guess. One friend says I look like "Maude".

Anyway the production has led to light blogging, but once the Presidential Election gets settled next week, I'll put my dress away and get back to work here at your Cup of Joe.

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