Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Schools Reforms: No Science, No Baggy Pants

via The Chattanooga Times Free Press
Gov. Haslam says he'll sign into law a bill about how science is taught in Tennessee ... even though it "changes nothing" about how science is taught in Tennessee.


"Haslam said he has had discussions with State Board of Education officials on “does this affect our curriculum and what we teach regarding evolution in the schools and the answer is no. Does it change the scientific standards that are the ruling criteria for what we teach in schools and the answer is no.”

So what in the heck is this law anyway?

Only one thing is certain - supporters of this law deny it has anything to do with allowing religious and political views to be presented in science classes, even though that is exactly what this law allows:

"These bills misdescribe evolution as scientifically controversial,” the statement says. “ As scientists whose research involves and is based upon evolution, we affirm — along with the nation’s leading scientific organizations ... that evolution is a central, unifying, and accepted area of science. 

“The evidence for evolution is overwhelming,” the statement continues. “There is no scientific evidence for its supposed rivals (‘creation science’ and ‘intelligent design’) and there is no scientific evidence against it.”

Yes, the legislature is deeply concerned with education - at least when it comes to devaluing science and with whether or not students wear baggy pants. That's because a new law about school dress codes apparently was needed even though every school already has dress codes and policies on what is acceptable and what is not. The aim though, is for a State Dress Code:

"The only bit of discussion before the vote last night came from another Memphis Democrat, Rep. Antonio Parkinson, who applauded Towns for bringing the bill, but lamented its narrow scope. He said the prohibition should be statewide and vowed to join Towns in working toward that end next year."


  1. Teri TN1:21 PM

    The USA ranks 17th in the world in science education. Why does the Gov'er want to dumb down our kids?

    If you want your kid to have a religious education then send them to the religious school of your choice or to the church/temple of your choice. Keep it out of the public classroom.

    There is a considerable amount of bullying done by christian kids against kids of other religions now. This bill will give the christian kids more leeway to bully the other kids.

    Maybe it is time to start taxing the churches if the line of "separation of church and state" is to be crossed. The USA could use the extra money.

    Remember your history. Hitler came to power on a evangelical christian platform. One of his first acts was to make all schools teach christianity. And he outlawed any other religion schools. And you, hopefully, know the rest.

  2. I can't tell if the governor is truly stupid, or just so apathetic about governing that he can't be bothered to come up with a decent response.

  3. The governor is an embarassment to us all.

  4. with one hand Gov Haslam gives millions in grants to promote STEM programs (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to schools and with the other hand he will sign a bill to devalue Science education.