Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TN Legislature Voting On Changes to Public Records, Foreclosure Laws, Teachers Unions

KnoxViews has a roundup of new legislation headed for votes today and tomorrow which have been making headlines and offer a wide range of changes to state law, including making it tougher to gain access to public records and making it easier for homes to be foreclosed.

Just some of the items up for consideration:

SJR0221: Constitutional amendment banning income tax.

SJR0118: Requests Congress to propose an amendment to the US Constitution prohibiting unfunded federal mandates and programs except during declared fiscal emergency.

SJR0119: Requests Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution that would authorize states to rescind certain federal laws.

SB0326: Opts out of Medicare and Medicaid and establishes state program funded by federal funds formerly spent on Medicare and Medicaid.

SB0932 Weakens wage and hour and workers' compensation laws, makes it easier for employers to deny future medical claims for workers' compensation settlements, establishes presumption of natural/aging cause for workplace injury unless proven otherwise by injured worker, with additional special requirements for proving work related hearing loss and carpal tunnel syndrome.

SB 1772: Legalizes moonshining in Cocke Co.

SB 1915: Increases campaign contribution limits, allows corporations to contribute to candidates; allows members of the general assembly and the governor to fundraise as candidates for other elective offices during session.

Senate Judiciary Committee

SB1299: Reduces requirements for publication of foreclosure notices in newspapers.

SB0940: Makes it more difficult for whistleblowers and victims of discrimination to prove their cases against employers.

House Finance Ways and Means Committee

*HB1875: Allows state officials to charge a fee for viewing or producing public records.

House Education Committee

HB 0130: Abolishes teachers' unions ability to negotiate terms and conditions of professional service with local boards of education. NOTE: has already passed Senate, this is a special committee hearing in House.


  1. Anonymous12:42 AM

    wow, the legislature is trying to make it tough for the working man from the factory to the foreclosure steps and limiting the recovery for life long painful injuries. the weak, voiceless lose again to the well funded insurance and banking lobby. so sad...

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    With lenders already not working with home owners how many more homes will sit vacant until the economy picks up. My husband was critically injured in an industrial accident 15 years ago and is still suffering from the injuries every day. After 3 years we found out that the doctors "could not honestly" state what the long term effects of his injuries would be. His pain and suffering and possible loss of income due to the increased pain were not worth the pennies we settled for and we are possibly going to re-open it and ask for all future medical expenses to be paid for the rest of his life and more monetary damages. He goes to the emergency room at least 6 times a year with injury related ailments - my carrier should not have to pay for it! The laws should protect the workers more and make sure that they are financially taken care of instead of the companies getting away with creating harmful work environments which are following OSHA rules, maiming employees or killing employees. Who is looking out for those who are injuried, maimed or killed? It isn't the state.

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    It certainly isn't the Republicans who are looking after the people of the state. Instead,they are apparently IMO just looking to satisfy the biggest producers of graft.

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