Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cutting $40 Billion in Tax Subsidies Gets a Big No From Rep. Roe

My Congressman, Republican Phil Roe, wants to cut spending - just not when it comes to tax subsidies to giant oil companies. He's marching in step with every Republican in Washington who just voted against a measure to end those subsidies.

He'll support cuts in education, job training, community block grants, health care -- but giant oil companies will continue to get our tax dollars.

So while Rep. Roe echoes the claims that the U.S. government is "broke" - we're giving away billions.

Also note, ending the subsidies would save the federal government tens of billions of dollars, making a significant dent in the deficit-reduction campaign that Republicans pretend to care about. It's a reminder that the GOP's commitment to fiscal responsibility is shaped in large part by who'll suffer as a result of the cuts -- working families can feel the brunt of the budget ax, under the GOP vision, but ExxonMobil can't." (via Steve Benen)

Cutting $40 billion in tax subsidies gets a big No from Rep. Roe - even though the biggest 5 oil companies made $1 trillion in profits over the last decade.

Just last week, Rep. Roe said:

Now as part of our focus on job growth, committees in the House are working to remove unnecessary regulations, and we’re aggressively looking at new ways to cut spending."

I guess education, job training, the elderly, the sick, and those most in need must be sacrificed to insure the profits of giant corporations.

Phil Roe has not created even one job in this state though he’s now in his second term as TN-1 Rep. Not one job. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise including Roe himself." (via Ablogination)


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  1. Teri Gaddy4:32 PM

    Excellent post. Yes, he has been bought lot stock and barrel by the Corporations.

    See this skit for info.