Saturday, July 03, 2010

Atheist iPhone Apps

From the NYTimes:

For religious skeptics, the “BibleThumper” iPhone app boasts that it “allows the atheist to keep the most funny and irrational Bible verses right in their pocket” to be “always ready to confront fundamentalist Christians or have a little fun among friends.”

"In a dozen new phone applications, whether faith-based or faith-bashing, the prospective debater is given a primer on the basic rules of engagement — how to parry the circular argument, the false dichotomy, the ad hominem attack, the straw man — and then coached on all the likely flashpoints of contention. Why Darwinism is scientifically sound, or not. The differences between intelligent design and creationism, and whether either theory has any merit. The proof that America was, or was not, founded on Christian principles."


  1. I saw that story, I thought that was hilarious!

  2. yes, it just wasn't easy enough to fire out off the cuff comments about religion and feel smug about your skills.
    thank Google, who has blessed us.