Monday, May 10, 2010

I've Been Named A Beautiful Blogger

A recent reader for Cup Of JP, Kit at Keep It Trill, has done me a great honor and included me in her awards list for blogs she enjoys and respects and hence I have earned one of her awards.

I truly appreciate the consideration -- and she notes beside the nomination for my blog "One of my latest discoveries. I really like his perspective."

What a fine thing to hear and how generous of her to bestow me with the honor.

I've been enjoying reading her work too at Keep It Trill and urge you to visit. She's not shy, takes some most vocal and smartly written stands on all manner of topics. I'm delighted she likes my blog and I'll bet you'll enjoy her work too - plus she lists in her current awards many others for you to explore as well and I hope you do. She obviously has excellent taste.

Thanks Kit!! (PS - I'll be creating my own list of writers who deserve an award too and will post that ASAP)

is customary, recipients can post the award pic on their blog, write a little about themselves, and pass this one along to others if they so desire. So ... a few things about me ...

- I'm working hard to do more than just write, write, write though sometimes I seem to take too long to create essays/posts here because it takes me time to ponder on how to say or if it even needs to be said.

-- I stink at doing math.

-- Blogging has allowed me to make friends all over the world.

-- I love watching movies and I want to start making more of my own again.

-- If friends are true wealth, I am fabulously well-to-do.

-- I wonder why we all still depend on a combustion engine, when just about every other technology of the last 100 years has made so many enormous advances. Maybe Apple needs to build an iCar.


  1. You're welcome, Joe, and you deserve it.

    About a combustion engine alternative, well, hadn't you heard? There's always the Fred Flintstone model...

  2. Very cool. Congrats!

  3. thanks! i have never been beautiful ... darned handsome, yes.

  4. You are a beautiful and exquisite blogger. And, I'm coming to K-Town in September. :)