Saturday, April 03, 2010

FOX Lies and Is Loved

Back in the year 2004, veteran TV news anchor Dan Rather was cut loose from CBS for reporting about series of memos about then-president Bush's days in the National Guard, which many believed to be plain old fakes.

Times have changed. The bulk of the entire line-up of FOX News Channel reports on a series of stories - reports which have been proved false and fake - and their ratings go up. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow calls out the lies and the liars:

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  1. Well, if you use Rachel Maddow as your only source of information..... Facts are not really on her side. It's the same if a person uses Fox News as their own source of information.

    Oh, and obviously, she's never read the Tax and Control h/c bill. Seriously, "Stop making stuff up"? sigh...

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. the California AG is factual. the British House of Commons investigation showed the so-called 'climate-gate' was totally bogus.

    facts, Kate. not hysteria-filled whining.

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Well I must admit that I do not know this commentator at all because I do not have her channel. But I will start seeking her out on the interweb because I just loved what she had to say. Thanks for the intro Joe.

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Which channel invites more opposing guests?

    Are you suggesting that Maddow never lies or spins her biased opinion? She never promotes HER agenda?

  5. Anon -- the point is not about what guests are on or her opinion pieces she presents -- it's about a double standard.

    but you know that and have simply tried to change the subject, or perhaps claim that no one has standards for being factual.

    and Breitbart, which you link to, was James O'Keefe's employer, a fact worth mentioning, since O'Keefe was the creator of those heavily-editied and distorted videos about Acorn.

    and link you offer blames/accuses those who were on the receiving end of racial slurs since they dared to be walk past the people who yelled the slurs - and that is some twisted thinking in my opinion.