Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Month of Free Gifts For You - Win New Designs of Classic Movie Posters

Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Gene Hackman, Sidney Poitier, Peter Sellers, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn are all working together for the first time to thank you, dear readers, for having that Cup of Joe here on the internet.

As a part of the celebration of this blog's 4th birthday and in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies, August is full of stars, including you!! So, I'm giving away 2 sets of 6 movie posters, all newly designed and original creations based on some classic American movies. To win, all you have to do is enter your name in the comments section below this post before midnight August 31st, 2009. Two winners will be selected among all entries - and only one entry per household.

If you would like to peek at the 31 new posters designs created by the folks at Turner Classic Movies, then click here and you can zoom in and out on the images for close-up views.

Each day this month, Turner Classic Movies are highlighting the movies from some icons of cinema - like those listed above. Today, for example, they are featuring 24 hours of the films of Gloria Grahame, in great films like "The Big Heat" and "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "In A Lonely Place."

A full schedule of the films and stars are right here in a PDF format.

Also, check back here on this blog the rest of the month, and I'll have articles and info on these legendary films and their stars, and you can also see an easy-to-read widget which will have each day's featured performer. As shown below, the poster for Grahame is taken from the terrific crime thriller "The Big Heat", and for the daring scene where a cruel (and young) Lee Marvin hurls a pot of boiling coffee at her face, scarring her beyond imagination. I think the new poster design is pretty amazing and if you'll click around on the widget, you can learn a lot more about each star each day.

It's all a way to celebrate the start of the 5th year for this blog and to thank you for reading. So just enter your name in the comment section today and you could grab the gear. Thanks!


  1. THIS. IS. UNBELIEVABLY. AWESOME. Man, these posters are incredible!!! What a great way to celebrate a blog. I usually celebrate mine by writing a bunch of crap about the Waffle House.

    The hat is off to you, sir!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary in the blogosphere!

  3. Michael Alvis11:34 AM


  4. Happy Anniversary!!! DHorton

  5. It's almost Mr. P's b-day too!

    Happy b-day blog!

  6. Heck Yeah, TCM Rocks!!

  7. Jessie Greene vying for Peter Sellers (for me), John Wayne (for my parents) or Gene Hackman (for my dad cause he looks like him). ;)

  8. Todd Edwards7:29 AM

    TCM has become one of my favorites, who says there's nothing on. Thanks for the cup o Joe and Camera Obscura. I remember when it was the printed page.

  9. I love TCM! Happy Anniversary!
    Tim Smith

  10. I love Turner Classic Movies!! What a cool giveaway!

  11. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Joe, you're amazing. Keep digging into the movie, entertainment and... gasp... political worlds for us. Many cool posters, you dog.
    Ann Lloyd

  12. Happy Blog Birthday Joe! Keep up the good work,
    Paige M-Mattocks